Dr. Jack Singer: How to Become a ‘Mentally Tough’ Financial Advisor

Jack Singer has some great advice on how to toughen up mentally to build a lasting and successful practice. A Ph.D. sports psychologist, Jack began his career teaching elite athletes the blueprint for success and has since turned his attention to financial advisors and insurance producers. You can read his complete essay on How to Become a Mentally Tough Financial Advisor. Below, an excerpt:

The 7 Critical C’s of Mental Toughness. In my working with both athletes and advisors, I have found that there are 7 key elements that differentiate mentally tough athletes and advisors from those who struggle with the challenges they face. Each of these elements can be learned and through practice, can be put to use whenever you need the toughness to overcome any adversity or challenge in your work or life.

1. Maintaining a Commitment to accomplishing a task or goal through to completion, despite the obstacles that you may face.
2. Viewing Challenges as opportunities, rather than as obstacles.
3. Believing that you are in Control of your life and destiny,  rather than “outside” circumstances, beyond your control.
4. Maintaining Confidence in your ability to succeed, despite all of the challenges you face.
5. Remaining Calm in the face of stressors.
6. Remaining Consistent, in your quest to grind through adversity and succeed.
7. Being able to Concentrate and focus on the task at hand, rather than getting derailed by unexpected circumstances.

Photo: U.S. Army