Our Story

Mark Elzweig Company is an executive recruiting firm that specializes in helping financial advisors find the right career paths. For more than three decades we have helped advisors find the optimal platform for their happiness and success. We’ve also guided advisors in designing succession plans for their practices.

The firm works closely with advisors at wirehouse, regional, independent, and RIA firms across the nation. Through up, down, and sideways markets, we are proud to have served as trusted advisors to trusted advisors. Mark Elzweig Company understands the key elements in the financial advisory business and how it has evolved.

We never advertise. Many of the advisors with whom we work are either long term members of our network or come to us through referrals. It’s not unusual for us to place advisors whom we’ve known for fifteen or even twenty years. We feel that this says a lot about the value that we’ve been able to deliver to advisors and the kinds of bonds that we’ve been able to forge.

Our Mission

We are Trusted Advisors to Trusted Advisors– and we take that seriously.

Our goal is to empower advisors to make informed career decisions so they can maximize their career happiness and success.
We believe in integrity, confidentiality, high-touch client service – just as our advisors do -- and employ a consultative process to achieve our objectives.


The great American inventor and architect R. Buckminster Fuller said: “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” This is an idea we believe in. Integrity – from the Latin word for “intact” – means that we bring a consistent set of values and world view to everything we do. You can rely on us for consistency and a realism about what can and cannot bring happiness and success. We don’t ever offer utopia – a word from the Greek that means “no place”. No firm or business model is a perfect fit for anyone and every firm and business model has its limitations. That’s why we make sure to review the positives and negatives of a prospective situation — both positives and negatives relative to each advisor. Careers and practices are individual: What is positive for one advisor might be negative for another. Our goal is to ensure that advisors can make discerning choices. That requires integrity.

Consultative Process

Sometimes the best strategy for an advisor is to remain exactly where he is. We respect and support advisors as the ultimate architects of their career paths. Our role is to provide advisors with critical industry information and to help each advisor think through the interview experiences so that they can make an informed career decision that will lead to happiness and success.


Our work is confidential. We never discuss candidates with other advisors. We present advisors to specific hiring authorities only with the permission of the candidates. That happens once we’ve discussed the possibilities in detail.

High-Touch Client Service

We have developed a rigorous process that ensures the communication between our firm and advisors is timely and effective.

Throughout the career review we conduct, we will be refining the available choices and helping advisors figure out what makes sense for them. We meticulously track all conversations among all parties, noting what candidates like and don’t like at their current firms and how prospective firms appear in during the getting-to-know-you process. This feedback enables us to tweak our recruiting process going forward.

In addition, advisors have access to our library of whitepapers and videos which they can use to help guide them through the recruiting process. We cover due diligence on prospective firms, negotiating deals, and best practices for transitioning an advisory practice.

Mark Elzweig


I am an executive search recruiter who has had a front row seat for more than thirty years on developments in the world of financial advisors. Over the years, I’ve helped many advisors make strategic career decisions and to successfully transfer client assets to new firms.

My work has appeared in numerous publications including On Wall Street, Think Advisor, Seeking Alpha, and many more. Writing about industry trends is a longstanding interest of mine. Our firm has published a widely read newsletter for many years, which is very popular with advisors.

I have a long-standing interest in helping people with their careers: I come from a family of recruiters. My father founded a New York City employment agency in 1947 and two of my siblings run recruiting firms in other industries. I’m an MSW and my first career was in social work. That’s where I discovered my passion for helping people to make difficult decisions and acquired essential listening skills.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter,
call me directly at 212-685-7070 or drop me a line at elzweig@elzweig.com.