Mark Elzweig Company, executive search consultants, has been providing strategic advice to financial advisors for more than thirty years to help them determine the best company or platform for their happiness and success.

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  • MD, Mercury Alternatives Group LLC

    Mark Elzweig is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He has placed me in several senior level jobs over the years.

  • Senior Recruiter, Mark Elzweig Company LTD

    Mark and I worked together as recruiters for 17 years. In contrast to some of the people in our business, Mark was always very focused on doing a good job for our candidates.

  • President & CEO, Advising the Advisors

    One of the most stressful days in the life of an advisor is when s/he contemplates a move to another firm. The only person I would recommend for such a decision is Mark Elzweig.

  • Founder, Financial Advisor Network

    A professional who isn't afraid to tell an advisor that they should stay where they are. He's in it for the long haul.

  • Founder & CEO, AdvisorAssist, LLC

    Mark is a real asset to the investment management industry.

  • President, S. LeBlanc & Co.

    Compassionate and understanding. A powerful negotiator.

  • Owner, Tasnady & Associates LLC

    I rely on Mark for insights into the Financial Advisor Recruiting market. He is always knowledgeable.

  • Principal, Red Tortoise LLC

    I have always been impressed with his knowledge, work ethic and ability to effect change.

  • Principal Consultant, HPWT

    Dedicated, thorough and responsive.

  • Speaker, Coach & Consultant

    His pulse is on the industry; his knowledge and experience are excellent.

  • President, GDC Research

    A terrific resource for my firm for nearly 15 years. Always willing to share his expertise.

  • Professional Trader

    My “go-to guy” for over 30 years for brokerage industry recruitment trends.

Core Values

We are here to listen and help advisors make the best choices for their happiness and career success. Sometimes that means helping advisors stay and grow just where they are. Sometimes that means making a strategic move.